Sunday, December 07, 2014

Foiling Fun

We had a delivery of new foils this week. Since Jones Tones discontinued their foils, I have been searching forever without a great deal of success - mostly because people would not answer my emails. But then out of the blue I finally got a reply from a firm who manufacture all sorts of colours - about 100. It was hard to choose especially when you are only looking at a paper chart but in the end I chose 10 new colours and 10 top ups. I love that most of these are quite earthy so was pretty keen to have a play.

 These are the colours I chose - olive green - apple green - lemongrass - burnt sienna - sunset gold - burgundy - plum - all pretty earthy. I decided to use a stencil or two and brushed foil glue through. I have worked onto one of my stencil and spray backgrounds on khadi paper so it isn't in your face because nature isn't either. I like the subtle look and you could layer up.

 This is a second one quite less defined.

 On another worked page I foiled a ponga stencil I have made. I haven't used the iron, just worked onto the tacky surface. Sometimes I have trouble with this method but I didn't want it well defined.

 Another chevron stencil

Then I found some fabric previously stencilled and with a wash using Sun Dye fabric paints over the top - I applied foil glue to my fern stamp and pressed it down. I liked the fact that I missed parts of it.

 On the same piece of fabric, a very subtle leaf stencil


If you are layering, you can pop a paper napkin grid (obviously made with a napkin which fits the theme) over the top.

I also made a thermofax screen and applied glue through it onto both khadi paper and fabric. The khadi paper is textured of course and the results were  not so clear but I was playing

 On the fabric you can possibly see some of the words - definitely forest at the top. Ready for stitching which would emphasise your work.

And a final little piece - the background is something new I am playing with and the good people in Adelaide will be able to explore this idea in January at my Summer School class.

A few pointers, when you use foil glue, make sure you wash your stencils and screens soon after use and thoroughly. Wait until the surface is tacky and either iron over baking parchment or press the foil, colour side up, over the surface. this does not always work for me. Permission to play as always.

You can see our  foils - stencils - paints and sprays here and of course our khadi books

Sunday, November 30, 2014

That day each year once again

Yes - it is that day once again - this time our 46th wedding anni can you believe? We decided to stay in Hawkes Bay and lunch at Clearview Vineyard after we popped in yesterday on our way home.

A toast with a Clearview Chardonnay

Fish of the day - groper - and yummy it was too

Then we indulged in dessert - that's Ian's

And this was mine

And a sticky to go with it

Lovely day indeed - followed by a drive to Wellington via the Wairarapa and a check out of my grandparents house

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday in Hawkes Bay

A drive up Te Mata Peak - wonderful views but plenty of wind

In the afternoon we went to Cape Kidnappers and did a three hour trip - we both enjoyed it very much - the driver - host - guide was so enthusiastic and passionate and full of loads of info.

We went to the Gannet colony and I learnt more than what I ever imagined I might know

Two Gannets - these guys mate for life but at the moment they are nesting.

Here is one strutting his stuff

Looking down at another level of Gannets

And here is the loner or the individualist

Hawkes Bay NZ

Yesterday we roamed around mostly Napier - we haven't been here or anywhere in Hawkes Bay for a long time- the weather is certainly better than Palmerston North. This is a golf putt putt on Marine Parade - that brought back memories

Art outside the tourist info site where we needed to collect a map

The Cabbage Tree in glory

Sculpture seen in the gardens

I read about this - Writing on the Wall which is highly appropriate for me

Seen in Napier

This is the National Tobacco Company building - wonderful Art Deco building in 1933 after the earthquake

I took a few shots

There were all round the edges

Last night we went to Black Barn Bistro for a lovely meal and very friendly staff - would recommend it

Can't stay in NZ without the sheep pretty close to our Loft - along with a paddock full of cows

Our view from the upstairs balcony. Bliss

Friday, November 28, 2014

Birthday fun

Yes - we were lucky to fly over to NZ on the new plastic fantastic- really good flight very quiet and big windows

Lots of pohutakawa flowers out in bloom on the walk between the terminals.

Then off to Palmerston North and to Aunty Ivy's 90th - she has just cut her cake. It was a great night and so many people to catch up with

Milton, Ivy and Susan

All the Rollys with Aunty Ivy

Next day after fare welling everyone and having lunch with Bev and Ross, we drove over the Saddle to Hawkes Bay - very windy up there with the windmills

We are staying in Clive and off to explore

Location:Lawn Road,Clive,New Zealand

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We are off to NZ tonight for a week - it's Aunty Ivy's 90th tomorrow and then we are off and about for a few days. This will be my 4th trip to Palmerston North this year - yikes
Here is the fabulous black fantastic waiting for us to board

I have started work on my New York Sewers - cut a stencil first

I used it with the Gelli Plate on tissutex and deli paper

I also made a thermofax screen

Then I had some fun with one oft NY paper napkins

Screened a bit and layered deli paper on the surface

Testing the screen on tissutex- lots to do but I have got started - loads of drawings and ideas at the ready


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