Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween in NYC

Halloween has never featured in my life - I am a Guy Fawkes girl and all I really know is that it involves pumpkins and trick or treats. Apparently it us especially big in Greenwich Village and there are ever increasing displays appearing. My award goes to the one two doors down and I thought I would share some of the goodies in the garden

These are the legs to with the hands below - loved them

Every night it's all lit up and loads of people take photos - hard to photo but the garden is packed with all manner of excitements - these people have had fun. Apparently there are big happenings in the Village on 31st but we will be well gone by then

New York City Day Nine

Lazy day today - slept in - it was raining and windy - and went to French Roast for breakfast- mostly we have been eating at our apartment. We have doing most of shopping at our local fabbo shop - Citarella

On our way to the subway I tried a few nail varnishes for fun and to cheer up my sad miserable hand and wrist - which colour do you think I bought?

We caught the train to the MOMA but it was late so decided to try first thing tomorrow and instead went off to seek out the Ace Hotel since the boys at Ace Pizza told us we must. Trouble was it was raining heaps and our umbrellas were at home and I thought it was 25th street and it was 29th so we arrived all wet and soggy.

The lobby is really lively - hard to take photos in the light and we booked to eat at the Breslin which is their restaurant- the bar there was packed- great restaurant

When you have good service and good food and wine then you forget how wet you are/were. We both had pork belly and because our waitress was so helpful and friendly and chatty and looked and talked like KD Laing, we had

Eaton Mess for pud. Now Ace Pizza could take this one up.

After all that it was still raining hard so one of those yellow taxis drove us home

Sculptures in the park

I thought I would share some of the wonderful sculptures in the Real World Sculpture Garden in the Nelson Roosevelt Park - loved them all. The sculptor is Tom Otterness

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New York City day eight

This morning we took the subway to Soho (we could have walked but trying to respect our feet early in the day) and checked out Purl Soho - I was interested to see their wool selection - mostly plain wools and hardly any of those fancy ones seen everywhere at Ally Pally - and a large selection of Habu (Habu trade opposite us at Ally Pally. They have fabrics too but I didn't actually look at those. I did buy a lovely woolly bundle - left Ian to pay for it!

Then we caught the subway uptown and walked to the Frick Collection - this is one of the nicest collections of art in beautiful surrounds. Wonder if Gina Reinhart would ever become philanthropic? Ha ha. You can only photograph in the central garden

And these are the flowers in that garden. beautiful colours

Next we went to Grand Central Station - another fabbo place saved with the help of Jackie Kennedy- magnificent inside - we had a bite to eat

The clock at Grand Central Station

Then off to the Rockefeller Centre - here is the ice skating rink

Passed these on the way - I know people don't like dyed flowers but I couldn't resist all the colours popping out at me - and finally we found somewhere to sit for a glass of wine before

We went to Matilda It was wonderful - real Tim Minchin - you could see him singing all the lyrics himself. Superb show recommend to anyone.

Times Square - I know it something you always see lots of images of but actually it is horrible- full of people and touts - I guess that's how it is when you have tourists but I am so glad we are not staying around there. We went the other direction and took the subway home

New York City day seven

This morning I walked to The Ink Pad which is only a few streets away. It reminded me of the stands we have had at shows - small and packed with loads of fabulously interesting stuff. I was quite restrained and only bought a few things I had not seen before. Ian took all the clothes to the laundromat to save our having to recycle our socks.

This is the public library on 7th Ave at the end of our street - it's a lovely building

Then we took the subway uptown once more- this time to the Lincoln Centre where we checked out the Met - looked to go to an opera on Wed but apart from the $300 tickets was all booked out and we are not that mad about opera. It was just going to be for the experience.

Next we walked back through Central Park to visit another gallery only to discover it was closed on Mondays.

So we went back to Colombus Circle and visited Wholefoods Market again in the base of the Time Warner building. The queues to purchase were huge - we bought salads by the weight and ate there.

Some of the flowers which greet you when you go down the escalator- I am enjoying seeing all the beautiful flowers in shops and on the sidewalk

Back to Chelsea markets on a failed mission but I did enjoy the window display at Anthropologie- the things you do with tags - when Bruce was on his cycling pilgrimage in Japan he posted some interesting photos which I have stored in the brain

Halloween is heating up and there were lots more displays at the market

And stuff with pumpkins - quite different for someone who has grown up with Guy Fawkes Night.

Walked home - we must be getting fit to match our tired feet and then ventured off very late a few avenues away where we found an Indian restaurant- hadn't realised just how late it was

A few weeks ago I tripped over as is my want and landed on my hand - it has been very painful and driving me nuts so I bought a bandage in the hope that. First wrap my hand changed colour so I have had to loosen it off.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New York City Day Six

Today we took the subway uptown - haven't gone the wrong way yet - and visited the Guggenheim Museum- what a fabulous building

We took the lift to the top and spiralled our way down. Wacky exhibition - Zero One - but we enjoyed it

I liked this piece hanging in the shop - John Carmichael

Then we walked through Central Park to the East Side and checked out Zabars- jammed packed with foods etc downstairs and all sorts of kitchen stuff upstairs - we bought a spoon to try in our Crueset and then had some very late lunch downstairs - I guess in Perth the Re Stores or Kakulus Bros are similar but of course NYC is so much bigger - the fresh coffee smelt wonderful - it has been difficult to get a decent cup of coffee here - won't get a real Ian made one until next Monday morning

Walking through to Zabars on something like 81st

Walked to Colombus Circuit and checked out Wholefoods - that was an eye opener. Didn't buy anything as the queues to pay were so long

Found this on the subway

In the evening we went to a Mexican restaurant- Ofrenda - on 7th Ave - I guess it was okay but I didn't go for chocolate sauce rich and thick on my enchiladas

Walking back we popped into Duplex to listen to the piano player who was very good but when we walked on it felt like one of those Westerns where the stranger comes into town - next door on Christopher St is the famous Stonewall Inn

So another day of enjoying NYC and needing to rest our weary feet


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